This Fall – What to Expect

Thanks for supporting The Noted Project! Whether you backed us on Kickstarter, read our blog posts, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’re part of the journey. You’re awesome. And since you’re along for the ride, we want to keep you updated on what to expect in the next few months:


We just finished this phase of the project. We’ve been meeting people, filming, and recording music for the past two months. Now that that’s done, we have all the content we need to create the short film series and web resource.

Cory will be back in America working on post production for the film. Since Peter and Josh don’t have wives or jobs waiting for them, they will be spending the next two months educating themselves as to the ways of various cultures in Southeast Asia. They will be conducting “scientific” studies on the beaches of Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. (If you supported us through Kickstarter, don’t worry, we are using personal funds. You are not paying for our vacation.) It won’t just be traveling, though. We will also be writing and planning for the next phase of the project.

We will be cutting together the final short films and designing/developing the website. In addition to that, we will start traveling around the USA to present at colleges about The Noted Project. We already have a few lined up, but we’ll let you know the schedule soon. Maybe we will be in your area! If you have a venue that would be interested in us presenting, let us know! All we ask is a couch or two to sleep on or a few trees for our hammocks (weather permitting).


If all goes according to plan, we will be releasing the first of the 5 short films in October. Stay tuned!