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July 3, 2016

This Fall – What to Expect

Thanks for supporting The Noted Project! Whether you backed us on Kickstarter, read our blog posts, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’re part of the journey. You’re awesome. And since you’re along for the ride, we want to keep you updated on what to expect in the next few months: / continue reading

June 7, 2016

A Buddhist, a Catholic, and an Animist Walk into the Woods

I’ll explain. Last weekend we were invited to attend a Karen forest preservation ceremony in a small village outside Lamphun, Thailand. We were told that we might be the first foreigners ever to visit that village. We’re pretty sure that was not the case… but we were definitely a novelty.


I don’t think white people go up that way too often (there must have been 30 people who came up to us asking for photos with us). / continue reading

May 9, 2016

4 Days in Thailand

We arrived in Thailand about 4 days ago. Traveling always requires adjustments: to your schedule, diet, climate, etc. That’s what the past few days have been for us. We spent a very fun 21-hour layover in Japan. Japan is where it’s at. It’s definitely on our list of places to visit again… someday. We eventually reached Blessed Homes (our final destination and home base for the project). It’s a great organization, and very generous for putting up with us for the next two months. / continue reading